Cooking Classes

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Lemon Ginger Prawns

We offer a variety of fun classes that meet you at your current skill level and teach you the basics of cooking, expand your flavor profile with international cuisines, and introduce you to more advanced techniques to use at home for a restaurant quality meal.

Classic Dinner Plate

Work together to create a classic, wholesome dinner for everyone to enjoy

Infusion Dinner Plate

Chef Navi will take you away to Fiji Island to create a Polynesian infusion dinner as a team

Seasoning & Marinating

Learn what makes a good marinade, experiment with dry rubs, and enjoy a meal

Class Schedule

Spice up your next team building activity, learn staple recipes before you leave for college, sharpen your knife skills, or experience a new cuisine!

Pulled Pork Sliders with Asian Slaw

We are currently booking group classes by appointment only, but please check back shortly for a calendar of regularly scheduled classes.

Let's Get Cooking!