Recipe: Lemon Ginger Tea

Fall is here marking the harvest of crops, back to school season, and most unfortunately, cold and flu season. At Navi’s Catering Kitchen, we get our boost to fend off the seasonal sniffles from Chef’s Homemade Lemon and Ginger tea.

Lemons are a well known source for Vitamin C, antioxidants and help support healthy skin, liver, and kidneys.
Ginger is a superfood, with tons of great health benefits ranging from digestive support to reducing inflammation.
A wonderful natural sweetener, and great for soothing a sore throat, Honey also has antibacterial properties.

Here’s a little recipe to help keep you in tip-top shape:

🔸1 cup of Hot water (use caution when handling)
🔸1 Tablespoon crushed ginger (cut into small pieces and smash them with a spoon)
🔸1 Fresh squeezed lemon
🔸1 Tablespoon of Honey

Mix, let cool a bit, and enjoy!