Wrong Date Fiasco

Have you ever mixed up important dates? Can you imagine this happening when planning a once-in-a-lifetime event that took months of planning? Our team recently experienced this with a surprise birthday party that had been planned to be thrown the day before the actual birthday, which resulted in a mix-up of dates. 

Just as we were wrapping up preparations for the event on the next day, we received a call from the venue wondering where we were, as they had expected us an hour ago. What?! But the party is tomorrow…nope! The client had miscommunicated the dates with the actual birthday in mind and not the event date. Despite the confusion we sprang into action right away. Chef Navi flipped pans and sautéed like no other and we continued to pack and pack until everything was ready to go. Our team pulled it together with strong communication and determination to make sure that this event would receive the delicious food they were counting on. The surprised guest of honor had no idea that such a mix-up had happened as everything went as smoothly as planned. This is just one great example of the dedication to exceptional service that our team can provide, no matter how small or big the hiccups along the way. Contact us today to see how we can create and plan an exceptional event for you!